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Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity

Diggity Marketing

"Steve has curated one of the best resources in the industry for staying up on important and trending SEO topics. This one is a 'must subscribe' for anyone who is looking to get an advantage.”
Kyle Roof
"Get all the golden nugs without having to scroll through the SEO groups on the internet to get them. SEO Notebook is a reliable source for well thought out SEO tips and tricks from industry leaders."
Glen Allsopp

Glen Allsopp

"I'm subscribed to three newsletters in the world of SEO, and Steve's SEO Notebook is one of them. He introduces me to people and ideas from the "underground" I hadn't yet come across, and if he continues to do that as he has, I'll continue to be a happy follower."
Steven Kang

Steven Kang

SEO Signals Lab

"I highly recommend Steve's SEO Notebook to anyone who is involved in SEO industry. I am a subscriber and I always look forward to his insights as he is an industry icon within the community with real experience in all levels of SEO."

About Steve Toth

Hey, I’m Steve Toth. I was the full-time SEO Strategy Lead at FreshBooks, but I haven’t left the company, I actually made them a client so I can focus on my SEO consultancy for growth-stage, medium-to-large size companies.

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I created SEO Notebook out of personal necessity. My notes were buried in Google Keep, Slack messages to myself, in email—they were completely disorganized. So I signed up for Evernote, thought of this idea, bought the domain on the same day and here I am.

Current clients include Mejuri,, FreshBooks, UpLead, Celtx, and more. As a former agency employee, I put my SEO knowledge to work for brands including Porter Airlines, Toyota, KPMG, Intercom and EMI, but I also spent 7 years working on SMB clients like dentists, lawyers, plastic surgeons, trades, etc.

Over the last 3 years I’ve steered away from mainstream blogs and shifted my focus to working with and learning from some of the world’s top SEOs, taking notes along the way. My notebook is loaded with actionable, modern SEO strategies that you are not going to find on any mainstream outlets.

By putting what I learn into practice, I’ve been able to rank #1 for money keywords with over 200,000 searches per month and I was also able to double FreshBooks’ organic traffic with a custom strategy I developed.

My work has been discussed in USA Today,, Search Engine Land, Diggity Marketing, Search Engine Roundtable, Monitor Backlinks, Content King,, Business2Community, Databox, SEMrush, Moz and others.

I have been an SEO instructor at BrainStation and have done speaking engagements at Humber College, York University and CFRB NewsTalk 1010 “Ask the Experts” (a radio show with 60,000 active listeners). I’m also getting into affiliate marketing with some partners. I live for SEO, spending at least 12 hours per day learning and practicing.

Over the past year I’ve kept meticulous notes in an Evernote notebook. Join over 3000 subscribers and receive a page from my exclusive SEO strategy notebook each week.