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"I highly recommend Steve's SEO Notebook to anyone who is involved in SEO industry. I am a subscriber and I always look forward to his insights as he is an industry icon within the community with real experience in all levels of SEO."


"Steve has curated one of the best resources in the industry for staying up on important and trending SEO topics. This one is a 'must subscribe' for anyone who is looking to get an advantage."

Matt Diggity

"I'm subscribed to three newsletters in the world of SEO, and Steve's SEO Notebook is one of them. He introduces me to people and ideas from the "underground" I hadn't yet come across, and if he continues to do that as he has, I'll continue to be a happy follower."

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"Get all the golden nugs without having to scroll through the SEO groups on the internet to get them. SEO Notebook is a reliable source for well thought out SEO tips and tricks from industry leaders."

"I absolutely love SEO Notebook. Steve always manages to find the hidden gems and shares them with us every week. There's so much value in each note and I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in SEO!"

Kristina Azarenko
"Steve guided us from the bottom of Page 2 to the top of Page 1. As a result, SEO has become an important growth channel for MappedIn. I highly recommend working with Steve!"
Hongwei Liu - CEO, MappedIn
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