Using Regex in GSC to Find Longtail Keywords and Questions

3 minutes well-spent

This note is super simple and is based on a recent announcement by Google. As of last week (early April 2021) Google now recognizes regular expressions (regex) for querying search console. I’ll teach you how to find longtail,  high impression keywords that are easy to rank for.


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Jump Links – The Secret SEO Weapon

4 minutes well-spent

Google loves jump links because they create a better experience by taking users directly to the specific section of content that answers their question — preventing the user from sifting through all of the content to get to their answer.

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Preview Your Featured Snippet

2 minutes well-spent

This next tip is something I stumbled across when I was doing a blog refresh and trying to get a featured snippet for a client was ranking #2. What I wanted to know, was what my featured snippet was going to look like when I got it. Here’s how you can preview your featured snippet.

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How to Find People Also Ask Topics That Guarantee Rankings

5 minutes well-spent

Why you should read this post: at the end and I’ll show you a DR 11 site that has a page getting 5000+ visits a month with a $1000 traffic value. I found it using this technique and it only took a few minutes.


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Reverse Silo Internal Linking Spreadsheet – SEO Fight Club

2 minutes well-spent

Watch the full episode here:

When I first saw this slide deck before the episode, I thought it was Kyle’s secret sauce. I was so happy to be exposed to it, then two weeks later he mentioned it on SEO Fight Club, so it’s fair game for me to share!

It’s a Reverse Silo or “virtual silo” it’s something I offer to every site I work on since learning about it and it’s something I can tell you works and it is pure money!

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Keyword Stretching Strategy

1 minute well-spent

Ok, so thanks for making it this far. I promise this’ll be worth it.

So the trick here is to put an asterisk:


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Backlink Planner Spreadsheet

2 minutes well-spent

This spreadsheet I created allows you to easily check to see if you:

  1. have used that anchor text previously
  2. have the link already

I suggest adding your own customized columns. For example, contact info, cost etc.

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How to Increase Traffic, Without Increasing Rank

2 minutes well-spent

This strategy is inspired by a module from Kyle Roof’s On-Page course (shared with his permission).

If you missed the Black Friday 50% off deal, I’ve arranged another 50% discount for SEO Notebook subscribers. If you’re interested, click this link and apply the code SEONOTEBOOK at check-out.

Today’s note will show you how to find keywords where your CTR is underperforming. Fix these with more compelling titles, meta descriptions and maybe a little bit of schema, and you’re bound to increase your traffic without spending a dime on content or links.

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