How to Find Featured Snippet Opportunities

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Hey folks,

As promised I’m going bring you the real golden nugget from this Ahrefs blog post from 2018. I highly recommend reading it, but if you want to cut to the chase, open this Google Sheet:

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Trending Topics on Autopilot

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Thanks for stopping by. Today’s note is going to combine two tools to create some magic… well, there’s a third tool… a super cool spreadsheet that I created for you folks to make analysis super easy. It also has some customization.

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Quick On-Page Wins From Two Affiliate SEO All-Stars!

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The following was a suggestion from a thread about SEO Quick Wins. It got the most likes and comments, so I figured I would share it with all of you.

Jeff Lenney suggests:

“Improve your time on site and bounce rate with CRO.

  • Space out your paragraphs
  • use bullet points, add images
  • Gifs or videos every 300-400 words
  • spend at least $50 on a good logo and theme.

Trust me, improve your time on site and bounce rate, things will improve.”

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The Link Building Buyer’s Guide

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The Process

To test the services of these companies, we shared a specific URL and one keyword. Each company received a different URL and keyword. In our guide, we evaluate the company’s link building service based on timeliness, quality of the link, impact of the link, communication, and their platform (if they have one). Every company was given a 4.5 for link impact since there was an unforeseen circumstance that led to the results being skewed.

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