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This is an improvement on a previous note from last year. A big thanks to Yaswanth Kumar for creating this handy tool!

Let’s get into it…

You might have heard of bookmarklets before. Bookmarklets live in your browser bookmarks bar or folders, but instead of taking you to the same URL each time, they can do magical things!


The bookmarklets I’m about to share allow you to drop into specific dashboards in Ahrefs.

How to use the Ahrefs Bookmarklet Generator

Step 1, open this link:



Step 2: Go to Ahrefs and navigate to a your favorite dashboard.

Step 3: Adjust any settings you in the dashboard. For example, with Ahrefs, I have chosen:


This will give me the question-based keywords ranking in position 1-10, sorted from highest CPC to lowest.

Step 4: copy the URL of this dashboard.

Step 5: Now take this URL and paste it into the bookmarklets generator: https://ahrefs-bookmarklet.streamlit.app/ and click “process”

Step 6: Now copy the JavaScript from this section:

Step 7: Create a bookmark in your browser from any page. Now edit that bookmark and in the URL field, paste in the JavsScript you just copied. You may also wish to rename the bookmark something descriptive.


Now next time you’re on a page, all you need to do is click this bookmark and you will be dropped into the dashboard that shows the question-based keywords this page is ranking for sorted by CPC high to low!

The last thing I suggest you do is create a folder with all your favorite bookmarklets and don’t forgot to also bookmark https://ahrefs-bookmarklet.streamlit.app/ so you have easy access. Here’s a look at my Ahrefs bookmarklet folder:

If you come up with some cool bookmarklets please send them to steve@seonotebook.com.

Before we go, I wanted to give a shout out to Glen Allsopp who published this post that’s pack with a bunch of SEO bookmarklets. Thanks for putting these on my radar, Glen. You can also check out Glen’s Detailed Chrome extension that has a few of these bookmarklets built-in.

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  1. Shaikat Ray says:

    Great share Steve. Thanks very much.

  2. Jahir Rayhan says:

    This is quite amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing steve

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