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2 minutes well-spent

This spreadsheet I created allows you to easily check to see if you:

  1. have used that anchor text previously
  2. have the link already

I suggest adding your own customized columns. For example, contact info, cost etc.

Get the Backlink Planner Spreadsheet Here ⬅

For further detail on anchor text selection, read below:

Eric’s Pick His Brain:

Eric Lancheres on anchor text:

My golden rule for anchor text is to NEVER use the same anchor text twice. I write things differently, I try to stay on topic and make it look as natural as possible.

Sometimes that means using only the website, sometimes it means I can be a little more aggressive and get parts of my anchor text in there.

If you’re on a really good site, the ‘ultimate’ anchor text right now (this might change a year from now, Google loves to do that) seems to be a mix of all your keywords in a different order + extra words.

So for example, if your main goal is to rank for “best fishing pole”, I would have an anchor text that says: “this pole is the best for fishing bass” on a large authority website.

So it’s natural & contains ALL the keywords. Yes, you can still do exact match keywords as anchor text but they don’t seem to be as future proof and they usually get the page in trouble fairly quickly.

I like to rank for years at a time instead of weeks 😉

I asked Eric if he had any further commentary, he added: It’s my opinion that anchor text is responsible for MOST penalties handed out by Google. Bad anchor text (over-optimized) is their #1 tool for sniffing out spam on the web… so if you want to rank on Google, get your anchor text right.

If you want to get Eric’s full thoughts on anchor text, I highly suggest subscribing to this paid membership group: https://www.mytrafficresearch.com/main/ I have been a member for about a year and it’s indispensable.

If it’s not in your budget right now, you can check out this “bunker edition” which is free for a limited time: https://www.mytrafficresearch.com/free/

Just want the backlink planner spreadsheet? Get it here:

Backlink Planner Spreadsheet ⬅

Free resources that were once paid (for a limited time):

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