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Hey folks,

As promised I’m going bring you the real golden nugget from this Ahrefs blog post from 2018. I highly recommend reading it, but if you want to cut to the chase, open this Google Sheet:

Find Featured Snippets with Ahrefs – seonotebeook.com – MAKE A COPY ✓

Instructions are follows:

Visit https://ahrefs.com/

Enter your URL into Site Explorer

Go to > Organic Keywords

Go to > SERP features

At this point you’re going to have a list of keywords where you have and don’t have the featured snippet.

Now Export the list:

Now you’re going to open this Google Sheet and if you have Excel or open office open the CSV from Ahrefs.

Select All from the Ahrefs CSV and paste the values from the sheet in cell A1 of the first tab in the  Google Sheet.

There are two tabs in the Google Sheet, the second will automagically populate with all the keywords where there is no featured snippets!

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