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Hello, Notebooker!

Remember 2021 when we didn’t have ChatGPT? Aka the olden days!

Well today, I’m revisiting an old note, but this time, we’re gonna put an AI spin on it!

This prompt allows us to create the perfect title tag that’s inspired by the top 10 results… it even creates optimized title tags with unique angles that draw clicks.

We’re going to ask Chat to generate title tags based on the most popular words found in the ranking title tags, then Chat will write another set of title tags using those popular words + adding its own unique spin… and it works so well!!!

It works with GPT4 and 3.5, but you’re going to need either a bookmarklet (provided) or seominion.com to collect the title tags and meta descriptions we’re going to feed into ChatGPT in order to write the ultimate title tag that blends in yet stands out 👀

First, let’s see it in action:

Let’s look at the first output, 10 title tags for “plumber toronto” using the most popular words from the ranking title tags:

Hell yeah, these are deeeeecent

What about title tags with a unique spin? Output:

Uhh huh, check out the unique angles Chat came up with:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Award-Winning
  • Fast Response
  • Beat Any Quote by 10%
  • Vintage Home
  • Female-Led

When I first saw these, I let out an audible: “wow!” 😮

*Side note, I have been trying to crack the unique angle aspect of writing title tags for a few weeks now and this method has provided the best results by far.*

Now that you’ve seen the potential, here are the steps you need to follow to extract the title tags and run the prompt, enjoy!

Step 1: we need to scrape title tags and meta descriptions from the SERP.

Either use this bookmarklet (create a browser bookmark and replace the URL with the following JavaScript).

or use seominion.com and follow these steps:

1) Download SEO Minion Chrome extension (paid): https://seominion.com/

2) Perform the search for the keyword you want to rank and click:

You may want to set your search results to 100, but then again, you may only want this data for the top 10 results. It’s up to you. I would still suggest setting your results to 100, then playing with the amount you paste into the spreadsheet.

# Prompt #1 (Chat does all):

So for this prompt, you’ll want to replace “plumber Toronto” with your keyword ☝️

If you want to do this with both title tags and meta descriptions, I suggest you use the sheet below:

It will then count the number of times the different words are used in the top 100 title tags and meta descriptions. If you want it to count less, simply delete the rows from the sheet sheet to get the results from the top 10, 20, etc.

Need proof that ChatGPT isn’t good at this task?

Obviously I want the more accurate answer Chat!!

This task is best handled by the spreadsheet and if you’re going to automate this (like I am) you should rely on code to do the counting and sort because it’s more accurate and will save you $.

Back to the note: Now that you’ve let the spreadsheet count the number of word occurrences in the title tags and meta descriptions, you’ll want to use the same prompt above, but paste in the words that the spreadsheet filtered for you.

# Prompt #2:

Here it is in action. Results for “Toronto plumber”:

Blog Title Tag Results for “how to estimate electrical work” note: I lowered the number of occurence to 3.

Results for [“Toronto Dentist”](https://chat.openai.com/share/d1d72a35-cd9c-4e88-bdd2-5c361b719b58):

Blog Results for “how much does a cleaning business make a month?”

Results for “Junk Removal Toronto”:

If you want to do the same thing with meta descriptions, use the spreadsheet to sort and replace “title tag” with “meta description” in the prompt.

I am going to automate this, more on that after Chiang Mai SEO 🦾

That’s it!

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