How to Increase Traffic, Without Increasing Rank


2 minutes well-spent

This strategy is inspired by a module from Kyle Roof’s On-Page course (shared with his permission).

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Today’s note will show you how to find keywords where your CTR is underperforming. Fix these with more compelling titles, meta descriptions and maybe a little bit of schema, and you’re bound to increase your traffic without spending a dime on content or links.

I’m also going to share I custom spreadsheet I created called CTR Benchmarker. It will show you all of your keywords with underperforming CTR!

To get started, go to Search Console and select your property:


Go to performance and open report.

I like to do last 7 days because you get a good picture of where your current CTR is at (if you don’t have the volume, expand the date range):

You’ll also want to exclude your branded keywords.

Now you’ll want to export all these keywords into a spreadsheet.

Just make sure that when you export the data from search console, you have the following data “turned on” :

Now in comes CTR Benchmarker.

Get the sheet here:

CTR Benchmarker – seonotebook.com

Instructions: make a copy, paste your Search Console data in the yellow fields, ensuring that CTR is in Column D. Columns F through H should populate automatically after pasting in your data.

You can choose wether to use Web Desktop or Mobile benchmarks by using the dropdown in Cell J1.

You’ll get something like this:

Then look to column G for any keywords that are below Advanced Web Ranking’s CTR benchmarks!

In Kyle’s course, he goes into detail about how you can find CTR that’s unique to your SERP, but I’ll save that for another time.

You can make major gains just by altering this meta data and you don’t have to build one backlink or alter the content of your page in anyway.

I’m not going to go into huge detail on how to improve your titles and meta description. That’s a subject for another note, but do know that this is an easy way to identify some quick wins an increase your traffic.

Alright, I’ll give you one quick way to improve your CTR. Use my dead simple featured snippet hack and add more bolded keywords to your meta descriptions.

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