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First of all, if you want to get started with jump links quickly and easily, I’ve assembled a list of Table of Contents WordPress Plugins here:

SEO Signals Lab (Desktop only link)

How to create jump links manually in WordPress:

All About Jump Links

Ok, Steve. Enough already, what’s the big fuss. Take a look at this SERP.

You’ll notice that we’re competing with The New York Times here. Probably an issue for most sites, but how do ensure the maximum number of clicks even if we’re not ranking #1? To take it step further, how do we rank #2 even if we don’t have pages that’s optimized for the keyword?

Jump links!

Notice the query:

How it looks in the article:

Boom, want to see it work again in the same article?

Each of these “jumps” the user down to a specific part of the page that’s relevant.

Google loves jump links because they create a better experience by taking users directly to the specific section of content that answers their question — preventing the user from sifting through all of the content to get to their answer. 

So what’s the real secret here?

I see a lot of folks using table of contents plugins like the ones mentioned above, but I do not see a lot of folks phrasing their jump links in the form of a question, i.e. search queries. That’s the secret, use it wisely and hope your competitor doesn’t try this before you do.

Update: I’m starting to see jump links being used a lot as site links. So make sure you don’t make them too long and include at least 3 of them on your page and you’re likely to get some pretty sweet site links out of the deal.

Take for example: “best tether wallet


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4 Responses to " Jump Links – The Secret SEO Weapon "

  1. Samir Pandey says:

    So I am going to include Table of contents with jump links in it from now on. I’ve never used this before. Thank You Toth. Your articles are short but provide the value that long article couldn’t.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for this, Steve.

    I watched the jump link video. How is it different from adding anchors? Or is “jump” link a new term for it?


  3. Starc says:

    Great Post. As long as you have original content and don’t have ads everywhere I believe the search engines will always rank you well. As you say “give the visitor what they want”. Very Informative Thanks.

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