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When I first saw this slide deck before the episode, I thought it was Kyle’s secret sauce. I was so happy to be exposed to it, then two weeks later he mentioned it on SEO Fight Club, so it’s fair game for me to share!

It’s a Reverse Silo or “virtual silo” it’s something I offer to every site I work on since learning about it and it’s something I can tell you works and it is pure money!

See the screenshot below and also see my template for that will help you architect one of your very own.

The idea here is that you create this silo. Typically silos are a product of the site architecture, often done through navigation links and breadcrumbs.

With a virtual silo, these pages can exist anywhere on your site, but they need to be topically relevant.

So in this case, Kyle has 3 supporting pages, a target/money page and the homepage.

By linking pages together through contextual links (links within the content) you effectively create a topical silo. Take note

of the supporting page about private jets. Notice how closely related they are to the target page, but also realize how much more linkable those page are vs. the money page. Below this image you will find a link to the google sheet template I created to help you get your own link silo started. Just make sure you are building links into it.

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What’s also brilliant about this structure is how it also works from the bottom up. Giving you the benefit of the homepage’s power (if you’re able to sneak a link in there).

Steve’s tip: choose a page you already that already has links and incorporate it into the top of your silo to give yourself a head start!

Link to template:

Internal Linking Template – seonotebook.com


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  1. Do these pages have to sit within the same subfolder for better results?

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